Community Involvement


Wildtrack Safaris Eco Lodge employs and trains members from the local community, thus empowering and enabling employees to grow within their specific fields – furthermore imparting their knowledge gained with others within the community. The curio shop will have a variety of locally crafted produced arts and crafts. The local community choir interacts with guests through providing traditional dancing and song at the lodge.

A community garden in the village has been acquired, and community members will be encouraged to participate in growing produce and maintaining the garden. Produce harvested will then be distributed among those involved – the surplus of which will be bought by the lodges in the area. The profits will be used to sustain and develop this project.


AAS Ambassadors

Wildtrack Safaris Eco Lodge is actively involved with the building of a new school in the village, the directors having donated the land, and assisting with the planning and implementation of the project.

Wildtrack Safaris Eco Lodge is working in close collaboration with AAS (Anglo-American School) Ambassadors, Moscow, Russia – actively participating in their fundraising and community outreach programs in Pandamatenga. These projects currently include:

  • Raising funds to buy mosquito nets for members susceptible to malaria “Sharon Holoboff Memorial”. On 21 March 2016, 100 mosquito nets were installed in the village.
  • Drilling boreholes and installing hand operated water pumps in the village, thus allowing free access to clean water for the community.
  • Educating children and adults on alcohol abuse, wellness, and the environment – through awareness fairs – which take place when the group visits in March every year. Children are encouraged to participate in awareness games – and food and beverages handed out.
  • Launching a ‘bakers without borders’ campaign, encouraging those more fortunate to bake cupcakes for the school. Over 500 cupcakes are delivered to the school and handed out to the children and teachers at the end of each school term.
  • Raising funds to buy seeds and infrastructure (A borehole, water system and shade cloth) for the community garden.

Funds are being raised to complete the construction of a community hall in the village – which will be used as a base for training individuals in the art of making crafts, which will be sold in the curio shop at the lodge – and at trade fairs.

A ‘Pack for Panda’ initiative has been launched on our website – encouraging guests to pack 1kg lighter, and bring stationary, clothing, etc. for those in need in the community.


Wild Child Eco Ranger

A ‘Wild Child’ project is underway which will encourage children, through projects at school, to take an interest in conservation. Those that excel will be awarded the opportunity to experience the lodge environment and accompany guests on activities provided by the lodge, with our guides.


Silent Dropout

In partnership with the Pandamatenga Primary School, a ‘Silent Dropout’ program was initiated – identifying pupils who are not excelling in the school. They were assessed, in order to ascertain why, and it was realised that they came from various disadvantaged backgrounds, including broken homes. Thus far, 30 pupils have been identified – and given ‘surrogate’ parents at the school. These teachers often support the scholars out of their own pockets, and it is our intention to assist the teachers in supporting them with their needs, and integrating the children back into society.


Cultural Tour

After meeting with leaders in the community, it was agreed that Wildtrack Safaris Eco Lodge would offer a ‘cultural tour’ to its guests. The tour would include:

  • Offering the unique opportunity of meeting the elders at the ‘Kgotla’.
  • Viewing farming activities.
  • Stopping at the oldest building in Pandamatenga – a 1950’s pioneer site.
  • Stopping at a cattle post, and assisting with ‘morning milking’.
  • Meeting members of the community who would welcome guests into their home, and introduce them to Batswana culture – and way of life.
  • That evening, guests are served traditional Batswana dishes such as Manoko, Kabu, Sembokoma and Seswaa.

Pack for Panda

Make your travels meaningfull

Have a big Impact in our community when you visit us. Simply use a small amount of space in your luggage to pack supplies needed by the people of Pandamatenga.

How does it work:
The orphins and those who are less fortunate in Pandamatenga in need of books, pencils, notebooks, coloring books, and everything else needed for school.

We at Wildtrack Safaris Eco Lodge will make sure the school supplies are handed out only to those who really need them. So, please, pack a little less for your self and make a donation to the less fortunate community of Pandamatenga. You will make a difference.